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Hi everyone, I am Rachel, the owner of Mesa Verde Southwest's daughter. Ok, technically I am not hijacking her blog, as I am the one who writes all of the posts. But I do want to take a minute to wander off topic and talk about my mom.

My mom Leslie is a pretty cool lady. Here she is, back in 2009, wearing a coral bracelet and holding my son:

 Why is she cool? She is her kids' biggest fan. My mom is a devoted friend, mother, daughter, sister... I'll give you an example. When I started my business (and who do you think inspired me to do that??), she was my first client. As a business person, she probably should have hired someone with a bit more experience. But my mom believes in me, and she is my cheerleader. I know she will always be there to give me a good dose of sober reality when I need it, and her advice is *usually* sound. There are countless other examples of why she is so great, but let me get to the best one...

A few years back, she donated her kidney to a young girl in her 20's who would have died if she didn't receive a kidney. My mom had previously tried to donate a kidney to a friend, but it was determined that she shouldn't donate to him. So, when my mom learned that the daughter of a longtime friend and Navajo artist was very sick, she felt this was her chance. Since she had already been through all the testing, it was quickly determined that my mom was a perfect match, and she went through the grueling surgery and recovery. Now, this friend is thriving and has a bright future ahead of her, thanks to the inspiration my mom received to literally give a part of herself to someone in need. 

No, my mom isn't perfect and yes she has DEFINITELY done her share of embarrassing me and my brothers (ahem: alcohol-induced dancing at just about every family function growing up because that was the only time she drank!), but she has a kind, giving heart and is a positive influence in my life, and the lives of my children. So, Happy Mother's Day, mom! I am blessed to have you as my mother, I love you!


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