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It isn't often that we see things related to our business plastered all over the news media. That's why, when we saw Kim and Kanye (a.k.a. Kimye) wearing matching jackets emblazoned with thunderbirds, we got excited. Apparently the jacket's designer, Wes Lang, has a slight obsession with Native Americans. However, it isn't clear if the symbol has any special meaning for the couple.

We do know that the thunderbird is one of the better-known Native American symbols. While there are many variations of the story of the thunderbird, the one most likely to be fitting for the couple is that it is believed to be a foreshadowing of victory, and also believed to be a dominating force of all natural activity. Is this the message the artist was trying to convey about the couple? What do you think?

Up Next: More history of Native American symbols! (if you have a favorite one you'd like more information on, leave it in the comments below!)


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