Vintage Yei Navajo Sandpainting Framed & Signed

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Sand paintings are permanent expressions of healing  chants used by the Navajo in their healing ceremonies performed by Medicine Men. Usually, they are featured with all or some of the four sacred crops, corn, beans, squash and tobacco. They use colored sand to create visions of the Navajo world as seen through the eyes of the Navajo artist. The sand paintings that we have for sale are all made by Navajo Indians from the Navajo Indian Reservation near the Four Corner Region of the Navajo Reservation, near Shiprock, New Mexico.This particular work features 6 mirrored Yei figures with a corn stalk centerpiece.  The artist signed the back and also wrote a message that has faded a bit over time, therefore, the name is not evident to me. This item was made in the 1980's and purchased from the Shiprock area.  There are slight demarkations on the frame, smudge-type marks, but not enough to say it's damaged. Nor will it be noticed hung on the wall. While this is full disclosure, your are really paying for the sand painting work of art, not the frame. This item has been displayed on the wall so it was safe from being knocked around. This is an exception work of art! Measurement Framed: 29 1/2" x 17 5/8" Frame thickness: 3" Shipping in the USA Only