Horned Toad Fetish Sandstone by Adrian Cachini, Zuni

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Welcome to Mesa Verde Southwest! I am proud to offer handcrafted Native American Jewelry to the eBay community. Native American silversmiths are recognized by experts to be among the finest in the world... My store offers a wide array of jewelry from Vintage to Navajo Revivalist to Contemporary... Born and raised in Gallup, New Mexico, my family has deep roots in this industry... we buy direct from Native American Artists and second and third generation Traders. Please read my About Us page for more information. The Horned Toad is believed to bring longevity and self-reliance by the Zuni people. It is completely hand carved by Native American Zuni carver Adrian Cachini.  As you can see by the photos, this artist is supremely talented.  Most fetishes are smooth but he took the attention to detail by creating the life-like texture of the skin and detail of the head with inset pieces of Turquoise. This Horned Toad replica is a collector's dream!The Zuni are known for their fetish animal carvings. The carvings made for collectors and tourists have no religious significance but the predecessors to these marvelous little stone and shell animals did.

Each type of Fetish held special significance. While each individual fetish had its own unique spirit, certain animal forms have traditionally held specific meanings. The animals may be associated with a trait, or one of the Zuni’s six sacred directions - East, South, West, North, Above and Below.    Material: Sandstone
 Size: 2 1/2" x 1 1/2" Weight:  42 grams FREE SHIPPING IN THE USA