Bohemian Blue Purple Black Bib Fringe Necklace, Made in Guatemala

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This stunning easy to wear necklace, with a magnetic closure, is a glamorous accessory that will be sure to flatter your neck. Handcrafted with beautiful blue, purple, black, and bronze colored beads into a fringe necklace. This is that chic accessory that will enhance your casual or dressy wardrobe.

Necklace measures 19 1/4" from end to end (magnetic closure)
Fringe Length: Longest 3 1/4" Shortest 1 7/8"
Weight: 34 grams

Please note: Most items are vintage. I clean and polish every item I ship due to concerns about germs etc... If you want your purchase left "as is" let me know before shipment. Keep in mind, that means fingerprints etc. In my opinion it's better to polish and if you want the item to tarnish, just leave it on your windowsill for a couple of weeks without wearing.