925 Sterling Silver Citrine Pendant, Oval Cushion Cut November Birthstone

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This is a beautiful one-of-a-kind Pendant handmade from Sterling Silver and featuring an oval cushion cut Citrine stone. This piece is signed D. Livingston. The dazzling gemstone is hung, at the top rear, by a loop of silver and is free to move separately from the oval frame it hangs from.  The oval frame is made from a smooth silver frame and elegantly emphasizes the natural dazzling beauty of the gemstone. The frame is also free to swing on the loop it is attached to. This is a very unique and beautiful pendant.

  • The Stone Measures 5/8" by 1/2"
  • Signed D. Livingston
  • The Frame Measures 1 1/4" by 1"
  • Weight: 13 grams
  • Stamped (Sterling Silver)
  • Vintage never worn

Citrine is a quartz variety which ranges in color from yellow to brown and is nearly impossible to distinguish it from yellow topaz without chemical analysis. The stone’s ferric impurities and is extremely rare. Citrine is one of the birthstones for November.

Please note: Most items are vintage. I clean and polish every item I ship due to concerns about germs etc... If you want your purchase left "as is" let me know before shipment. Keep in mind, that means fingerprints etc. In my opinion it's better to polish and if you want the item to tarnish, just leave it on your windowsill for a couple of weeks without wearing.